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Una llama en el Louvre ( Test)
    El pasado puente fui dar una vuelta por el Louvre. Encontré un billete de avión casi regalado en Internet, de Biarritz a París. Biarritz no está lejos de mi casa y hacía tiempo que no respiraba aire cultural con mayúsculas. 
    París... Un café, la nieve... ¡De postal! París es magnífica con un manto blanco y su atmósfera es, si cabe, más evocadora con ello. Todos debemos respirar París al menos una vez. 
    Aunque yo tenía prisa, disfrutar del Louvre exige su tiempo y sólo disponía de tres días. Quería volver a gozar de los viejos maestros, visitar las salas siempre sorprendentes de Egipto y, además, con la remodelación del Centro Pompidou, habían habilitado un edificio para arte moderno y varias exposiciones de jóvenes artistas estaban entusiasmando a crítica y público, según hab
:iconmik-68:mik-68 0 3
Esdrujulo frenopatico
Esdrújulo frenopático (¿Elogio de la locura?)
Acróbata de psiquiátrico en la cúspide didáctica de la técnica al micrófono:
Océano trágico, panorámico.
Caótico déficit, al céntimo. Ábaco.
Éxtasis eléctrico, máquina. Vértice. Vórtice. Matemático.
Espíritu soviético en láminas, satélite sin éxito. Término.
Cómico inválido, órgano benévolo. Ópalo.
Lágrima de tarántula sin oxígeno. 
He acabado el Noticiario. Elogie, elogie...
:iconmik-68:mik-68 3 16
Deviant Bart by mik-68 Deviant Bart :iconmik-68:mik-68 12 5 Space invadAders by mik-68 Space invadAders :iconmik-68:mik-68 8 8 deviantBart by mik-68 deviantBart :iconmik-68:mik-68 0 0
All fonts for dA
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This is the complete list of fonts you would display in all browsers. (You know, not all are valid)
Compiled by AimanStudio to #deviantCSS (deviantART XHTML & CSS Ref). Many thanks!
If you're a little bored of our old Verdana, you can change the font in your literary deviations.
Before of writing, indicate the font you choose with the tag:
<font face="Georgia"> or <font face="Courier New">, etc.
Close the application with </font>.
Personalize and work in the view of your literary deviations.
    Here they are:
Arial Black
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Book Antiqua
Century Gothic
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Monotype Corsiva
MS, Reference, sans-Ser
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Mature content
FELLA WANTS YOU :iconmik-68:mik-68 13 15
dA: Just do it by mik-68 dA: Just do it :iconmik-68:mik-68 42 57 New DollarLlamaPoints by mik-68 New DollarLlamaPoints :iconmik-68:mik-68 99 75
Te cogi
¡Te cogí!
    Soy consciente de que puedo meterme en un barrizal, pero en fin...
    Observo con una sonrisa la preocupación de muchs compañers por no incluir en sus escritos alguna palabreja que pueda suscitar equívocos o malinterpretaciones en tierras americanas. Entre estas palabras sin duda la reina es "coger", por las connotaciones erótico-festivas que el verbo en cuestión tiene por allí. Pero no en todos los países, en algunos están en nuestra misma disyuntiva. Están —estamos— acojonadicos de utilizarla y preocupados por si alguna otra palabra que usamos puede ser también motivo de risión.
    Asomo mi cabeza por la ventana -por cierto, hace un frío que pela...- y veo a unos mocetes jugando entre la nieve:
        —¡Ahí va, que te cojo! ¡Te cogí!
:iconmik-68:mik-68 9 28








Current Residence: Basque Country
Print preference: Black models alive! Better than print
Favourite genre of music: 70´s & 80´s Rock and Rythm & Blues
Favourite photographer: Uwe Ommer
Favourite style of art: Photography and Comic
Operating System: Windows 7 Pro & patxaran. Heineken version sometimes
Favourite cartoon character: Homer Simpson and sexy Marge, of course
      A few days ago our group -AllCultures- received the best of the news. Worried because an excessively anglophone staff which would maybe not understand our fair and enriching demand, we read in… that Angelo Sotira, spyed, CEO (Chief Executive Officer), Founder and alma mater of deviantArt, is actually working on dA's new version (the 8th) and... He was born in Greece!!
     We can't possibly think of any other language that could represent better the concepts of plurality, universality and respect which make our group's emblem.

     We dreamed that in this new version the module that holds the titles in our page could host any kind of character written within. Maybe eliminating the very own title in the link and generating access to the works simply via alphanumeric combinations or increasing the destined space to allow non English characters' Unicode HTML codes (something that, in the other hand, would always be good in the name of one's own creativity and descriptive need. Many times, the space for titles may look scarce, we always can look for alternatives, but it's important to entitle with freedom).
     We fully trust dA's technical team capability, we are aware of their solvency and we think "Everything is possible in the Net".

     Thanks to Angelo, it won't be necessary to explain to the US people once again the hetereogeneity of their own country. Indicating towards other deviants their European names may have been modified in Ellis Island not so many generations ago or, turning back, they will find wherever they are looking to other people of families hailing from any region of Europe, Africa, Asia or Hispanamerica who provided and provide their language and their culture to the reality of the country.
     It's the very essence of the USA since their own creation.

     Probably Angelo will be «Άγγελος» for his family and in his environment the language of Aeschylus, Plato or Homer (the real deal, not Matt Groening's fantastic alter ego; in the other hand most probably of European ancestry and with some "rare" letter in it primitive appeal: Gröning or Gröening) will be spoken. Who else better than Greek people, generator of what we know as "modern world", Arts protectors, creators of Philosophy and Democracy, first exhaustive studious of History, Geography, Physics, Mathematics, to exemplary the multiculturalism in their language and the richness of a respectful and interconnected world?

     The Greek people... Owners of a language that, together with Latin, continues to generate the etymological base of all the world's languages. The new words that science and progress generate adopt a Greek or Latin root in any language and it's been like that for centuries. Don't look for English roots, neither Normand, Saxon nor Celtic in "biology" or "biography", better notice the Greek words «βίος» bios, life; «λóγος» logos, study, etc. And it's like that for all languages with base in the Occidental romanized writing: biología, biologji, biologie, biologija, biologi, biologije, bioloogia, bioleg, bioloxía, biológia, bitheolaíochta, bioloģija, biologija, bijoloġija, biolojia, biyoloji... It also is the phonetic-etymological base for many other alphabets.

     What comes to my head is the most universal of the symbols, the only one used by absolutely all the 2.261 languages that count with writing system. The relationship between a circumference and it diameter, meaning, pi (π). Being honest, a number: 3'14159265..., present in all knowledge's orders: in Physics and Mathematics, in Geometry, in Drawing, in Design, in Art. Look for the farther language, the strangest writing system you can find and there you will find π. Among uncomprehensible characters, a familiar face.
     The most universal of all human writing symbols is also a forbidden character in deviantArt titles. Despite being part of the header of thousands of books and even movies and artworks, despite being part of our lives up to unsuspected extremes.

     We request dA's staff the maximum effort to improve our page enabling the space for titles of other languages in the name of cultural respect and creative freedom. Please, do convey our message to Angelo:
Άγγελε, μπορείς να μας βοηθήσεις;
Angele, boris na mas voithsis?
Angelo, can you help us?

Strange characters? Ñ, Ç, Ø, Ę, Å, Ô, Ü, Dž, Э, Ş, ß, Á, È, &... π!
Complete list of forbbiden Occidental characters here: «All in HTML»
They are our culture. The universal culture.

English is just an intercultural communication vehicle. Art speaks 1000 languages.
must not restrict creative freedom, titles are important.

Join our group to request the maximum effort in order to change this situation.

dA will be better tomorrow. We all are deviantArt.


Join :iconallcultures: :iconallcultures: :iconallcultures:

— Another initiatives of our group:

:bulletblack: NEWS, some literary examples: «My Friends don't want to belong to DeviantART»
:bulletblack: And our first DD!: «Just an idea»

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